Graphic Design


Art Direction


Luís Sousa Teixeira

Truth isn't
your personal fantasies,
or is it?

Ongoing Experimental Project
#TIYPF 2017-2019

TIYPF (Truth isn't your Personal Fantasies, or is it?) is an ongoing experimental project that questions the role of the image to create new realities and therefore new truths. It's interesting to think about what is, in fact, the truth, and how it is generated through contexts and experiences of oneself. Like Otto tells Alexander in the beginning moments of Tarkovsky's movie The Sacrifice, "- If you truly believe, then it will be." So the truth is in a way a referential for one's way of seeing the world rather than something absolute.

The interest in this game between multiple images, are the new meanings generated over the ones that were individually present, now, forming new images, new fragile truths, new ways of seeing (John Berger). A simulated archeology, which proposes the discovery of new contexts and interpretations, through the articulation of the elements used in its composition.

Here I am using only pictures I took over the past years and other materials that start to make sense during the creation process. And this is also important: The process. As a graphic designer sometimes I feel bound to some communication rules and supports, and this is an opportunity to have more freedom and no expected outcome. It is what it is.